2012 Writers Guild Award nominee, Daryn Strauss

Named to YouTube’s Top-10 Made-for-the-Web Shows

Official Selection Cologne Conference, Germany

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 about the show

Considered one of the pioneering web series, this Writers Guild Award nominated dramedy follows the desperate and absurd choices of a diverse group of New Yorkers as they try to balance life, love and their checkbooks during the economic crisis.


An award-winning, pioneering ensemble web series set during the economic crisis, Downsized has been compared to “Up in the Air” meets “Crash” for its interweaving, mosaic-style storytelling style. The satirical dramatic series follows the odd entanglements between several diverse New Yorkers of different economic backgrounds-- Beth (Daryn Strauss), an ambitious millennial account manager who is let go from her corporate job by a downsizing effort masterminded by cool executive Maura (Michele Mavissakalian) and her efficiency expert Lowell (Duncan Murdoch); overworked attorney Connor (Chris Henry Coffey) who finds himself entranced by his Turkish immigrant cleaning lady Leyla (Esra Gaffin) while he goes through a divorce from Maura; office temp Andy (Conan McCarty) who is trying to fund his recession-based self-help program; beauty pageant coach Astrid (Shannon Conley) who cons unsuspecting parents like smitten daddy Nate (Kaipo Schwab) into spray tans and hair extensions for their pre-teen children in order to pay off her credit card debt; and Andy's ex, Priscilla (Meredith Zinner), a suburban business owner who finds her privileged life in shambles when her investments go in the red.

Downsized has been viewed more than half a million times online and was listed on Best of the Web lists from the Los Angeles Times, The Guardian, Indiewire, Boston Globe, Fast Company, and more. Downsized was also an Official Selection at the Cologne Conference in Germany and named ons of YouTube’s Top 10 Made-for-the-Web Shows.

A touching dramedy.
— Fast Company
Think HBO’s Hung meets Up in the Air, only worthy of the hype.
— Daytime Confidential
Touching... darkly funny.
— Boston Globe
The best of the straight-ahead dramas (on the web)
— Los Angeles Times
Some of the most thoughtful visual compositions you’ll find in any web series, the style of which perhaps most defines Downsized’s quietly moody atmosphere.
— Tubefilter
Downsized has succeeded in giving relevant drama a home on the web.
— Tubefilter


Chris Henry Coffey, Shannon Conley, Esra Gaffin, Brian Keane, Michele Mavissakalian, Conan McCarty, Kaipo Schwab, Daryn Strauss, Gerard Urciuoli, Meredith Zinner with Aysan Celik, Michael Cyril Creighton, Sevrin Anne Mason, Anna Stone, Maitely Weismann, and Dawn Vicknair


Written, produced, and directed by Daryn Strauss

DP and editor: Chris Shimojima

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