Some Writings

The Girl You Love to Hate

Estella Harrison is a social media fascination whose entire life has been scripted by her mother for the benefit of ratings, brand deals, and keeping her a trending topic at all costs. As she tries desperately to unravel herself from her unscrupulous momager and bad Instagram reputation, she reconnects with Pip, the boy whose heart she broke on her mother's reality show when they were kids. Ready to move on from filtered-selfies, boyfriend-drama, and hashtag-domination, she shows up in NYC to start over and becomes undeniably linked with Pip, now a struggling singer/ songwriter, after he receives a groundbreaking donation on his crowdfunding campaign by a mysterious anonymous benefactor, turning him into an instant viral sensation and leading her into a public romance she can't escape. THE GIRL YOU LOVE TO HATE is a modern social media twist on Great Expectations where Estella finally gets to tell HER side of the story.


31 Blind Dates Anthology

Excited to participate in the 31 Blind Dates Anthology on Wattpad, hosted by RS Kovach and featuring stories by 31 Wattpad Stars, Watty Award Winners, and published authors. My story “Plus One” is Date 11.

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Fleet Week

We decided I would be Lola because it suited the shoes. It was Fleet Week in NYC. 2009. We had seen Sex & the City, and we had one goal: to get kissed by a sailor.

Upsized and Downsized: The Ups and Downs of Being a Web Series Creator

This essay is part of Televisual‘s “Indie TV Innovation” series.