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2012 Writers Guild Award Nominee, Daryn Strauss

"The best of the straight-ahead dramas (on the web)" Los Angeles Times
"A touching dramedy." Fast Company

"Made for grown-ups in a grown-up way." Los Angeles Times
"Touching... darkly funny." Boston Globe

pioneering web series about life during the economic crisis


Considered one of the pioneering web series, this critically acclaimed web dramedy written, produced, directed and co-starring Daryn Strauss follows the desperate and absurd choices of a diverse group of New Yorkers during the economic crisis told in a mosaic Magnolia-esque style which links the characters as the series progresses. From a Turkish immigrant working as an office cleaning lady to a former banking executive who is working as a temp to a millennial couple with student loan debt, the series managed to find a balance between the heart of middle class struggles and the hilarity of desperation.

Downsized has been viewed more than half a million times online and was listed on Best of the Web lists from the Los Angeles Times, The Guardian, Indiewire, Boston Globe, Fast Company, and more. Downsized was also an Official Selection at the Cologne Conference in Germany and named ons of YouTube’s Top 10 Made-for-the-Web Shows.

Written, produced, and directed by Daryn Strauss

DP and editor: Chris Shimojima


Chris Henry Coffey, Shannon Conley, Esra Gaffin, Brian Keane, Michele Mavissakalian, Conan McCarty, Kaipo Schwab, Daryn Strauss, Gerard Urciuoli, Meredith Zinner with Aysan Celik, Michael Cyril Creighton, Sevrin Anne Mason, Anna Stone, Maitely Weismann, and Dawn Vicknair

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2016 Writers Guild Award Winner, Daryn Strauss

"Razor sharp... Great premise." Variety
"Weighty... painfully funny." TV Insider


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In this Writers Guild Award winning online comedy, a suburban mom returns home from a reality weight loss competition 100 pounds lighter but finds she's gained some extra baggage due to the dysfunctional reactions of her family and friends.

Created by Daryn Strauss, directed by veteran network television director/ producer Frederick King Keller (producer/ director of 24, Blue Bloods & more) 


Three-time Emmy winner Martha Byrne, Bradley White (Pay It Forward), Allison Smith (The West Wing), Peyton Ella (NBC's The Sound of Music Live), Kate West, Trent Dawson, Dee Freeman & Maitely Weismann


A social media spin on Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

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This social media take on Ferris Bueller's Day Off brought together the three biggest teen viners in the world (Cameron Dallas, Nash Grier, and Lauren Giraldo) and had them vining in real-time during a day off together in NYC to launch Astronauts Wanted, a new venture from Former MTV Chief Judy McGrath & Sony Music. The videos on YouTube have garnered more that 3 million views and millions of views across Vine.