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About the Project

In this Writers Guild Award winning online comedy, a suburban mom returns home from a reality weight loss competition 100 pounds lighter but finds she's gained some extra baggage due to the dysfunctional reactions of her family and friends.

Razor sharp... Great premise.
— Variety
Weighty... painfully funny.
— TV Insider

2016 Writers Guild Award Winner, Daryn Strauss

Named a Vimeo Staff Pick and Part of Vimeo’s Best in Comedy and Best in Narrative Collections

Created by Daryn Strauss

Directed by veteran network television director/ producer Frederick King Keller (producer/ director of 24, Blue Bloods & more) 


Three-time Emmy winner Martha Byrne, Bradley White (Pay It Forward), Allison Smith (The West Wing), Peyton Ella (NBC's The Sound of Music Live), Kate West, Trent Dawson, Dee Freeman & Maitely Weismann

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